We're passionate about creating your perfect camper van

Our team are passionate about active sports such as windsurfing, mountain biking and SUP. We also have camper vans ourselves so know the little things that will make your life more comfortable.

Meet the Team

With over 20 years experience, Graham Turner (Owner) and Ben Hall (Manager) create stylish and quality conversions, starting with simple carpet Lining to bespoke campers. The workshop is in Yorkshire just minutes from the M1 Motorway.

They started building vans for the surf scene and for many years have been building campers and lining out vans for all purposes. They have superior camper and lining methods and pride themselves on being fully bespoke, no challenge is too great.

Although they are specialists in the Transporter and Caddy van designs, they can turn their skills to most vehicles, so feel free to contact them as they have dealt with most vans in the past.

The Team's Background

Graham ‘Gump’ Turner – Graham is an-ex professional windsurfer who now owns and runs Juice Boardsports and Juice Van Design, which is a Water Sports Shop and Van Conversion Workshop all under one large roof.

Having had a Transporter from the day he learnt to drive and due to his lifestyle he has lived, worked and travelled a great deal so he is well clued up on what works and what looks good. He has modified, campered, surf bussed an amazing amount of ideas in his vans. Alongside his windsurfing he does biking and entering triathlons – a lot of conversions have their inspiration in accommodating these sports.

Gump Managing Director at Juice Van Design
Juice van design gump and ben

Ben Hall – Ben has a huge passion for windsurfing but more importantly, he is a trained cabinet maker which gives him excellent skills for the job. After spending four years working and teaching windsurfing overseas and living the surfer's lifestyle in camper vans, he returned to the UK looking for the next adventure. It wasn’t long before his talents were recognised by his old friend who quickly sponsored him as a Team Rider for Juice Boardsports. Having also seen his work and attention to detail, Ben, in next to no time, joined Graham as a full-time Sales and Workshop Manager, combining the skill of his craft with knowledge gained from living in a camper van.

Juice Van Design team samll

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