The Juicy Camper


The Juicy camper has the nickname ‘a good honest camper’. When designing and building this camper layout we wanted a solid, usable camper. We didn’t compromise on style but we wanted a clean look that works. We are very happy with the results and we will stand by any that leave the premises. Our units are custom made to every van, although this takes a lot more time we achieve a great end result. We fix our units to the inner metal of the van which greatly reduces movement and noise.


The Juicy Camper


We can transform your standard panel van from an empty metal box to a full camper. All cabinets are custom built to your specification and desired finish. Windows are fitted, a colour coded pop up roof installed and the van fully insulated, sound proofed and carpet lined to our usual high standard. Electrics and Gas are installed and tested by fully trained professionals, which come with the relevant Gas and Electrical certificates. Only fully crashed tested swivel bases and beds are fitted, as safety is our priority.


The Juicy Camper


Check out the gallery on the left "view more pictures" and if you have any questions please feel free to ask or if you have a design in mind please let us know.


Kombi camper.

A Kombi camper, as you can see from the pictures, is a way of turning a combi style van into a camper. You get your VW crash tested seats, sink and hob unit, storage unit and a smaller version of our playaway bed system that pulls out over your Kombi seats. The easiest way to understand this conversion is to check out the pictures on the left.

Kombi Camper


This is a very popular conversion for our sporting customers. Copious amounts of room for bikes, boards and kiting equipment etc still giving you a fully functioning camper van.

Keeping the original VW seats in the rear, not only gives you peace of mind for rear passengers, it also leaves the function of a day to day vehicle. Fitted with sink, hob and storage it's all you need for the long weekend trip away. If a fridge is required, that's no problem as we can design the units around it.


The Juice Lift Out Camper Unit!

The Lift Out camper unit is designed and made all in the Juice Workshop. It comprises of a hob and sink unit that is free standing on one side of your van which despite being securely fastened whilst the vehicle is in transit, simply lifts out when the need arises. With fresh and waste water tanks and a gas hob which can be used outside making this a very versatile conversion which suits the customers need for a regular vehicle and a camper.

The Juice Lift Out Camper Unit


The standard unit is designed to free stand outside your van or in your garage when not in use. Easy to lift and fits neatly along one side of your van missing all seating and bed systems. As we all have different needs and functions we can make a one off unit to your own specification so please call or send an email.